West Hull FM – Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

As a project, I am fairly satisfied with the outcome, but I have fallen into my usual trap of taking on far too much work, whilst trying to balance everything else.

To create a media pack, listener magazine and a series of videos along with all the other projects was far too ambitious, even for me, and after discussions, I realise that, and it will be something that I take forward into the final year.

In a discussion with John, we chatted about workloads, and that he would rather see me do a smaller amount of work to a higher outcome, than to try and spread myself across so many things, and only get 80% of it completed.

I am much happier with the second version of the Media kit, and the station manager at West Hull FM is very happy with the outcome, along with the listener magazine as well.

Looking to the summer, I want to complete the videos for West Hull FM so that all areas that were initially identified can be completed, so that there is a full set of them.  I will be investing over the summer in upgrading my Vimeo account, so that I can upload the videos in the highest quality possible.

In the videos, the sound quality has been an issue, and I think it is time to retire the small palmcorder, so I am in the process of looking at external sound equipment, together with a better camera, which I will use over the summer, and into the final year.

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