David Whitfield – Further Developments to Video/Magazine – Holographic Presentation

When looking into the future of home video, presentations will become less 2D and more 3D, with videos utilising more of the technology that is available.

A couple of developments for the documentary over the next few years will be the use of 3D and Hologram projections.

3D is slowly becoming a technology that can be accessed at home, with television companies offering 3D television programming as part of a normal package, with Sky offering their 3D channel at no extra cost.


Sky 3D

Sky 3D

In addition to 3D programming, large productions are utilising holographic projection to enhance the viewing/listening experience for the audience.  An example of this, is the latest tour completed by Michael Jackson, even though he passed away in 2009.


Hologram Show with Michael Jackson

Hologram Show with Michael Jackson

These two developments would have huge cost implications, but as the technology improves and becomes more mainstream, the purchase cost of the products, and also the costs of creating the content will drop.


David Whitfield – Further Developments to Video/Magazine – Translation Options

As 2017 approaches, and Hull will be crowned UK City of Culture, the numbers of visitors to the city will increase from the UK, but also from around the world.

By looking into different language versions of the booklet, I feel that visitors from overseas will be able to learn more about one of the cities musical sons, and that by giving the option for translated booklets, the visitors will learn about David Whitfield whilst in Hull, but also be able to take the booklet back to their country and share the musical heritage of Hull, to countries far and wide.

David Whitfield Translated Covers

David Whitfield Translated Covers

The examples above show the covers of the booklet translated into French and German, but with the use of translation services, or online tools such as Babelfish, this could be expanded into a range of worldwide languages, to widen the appeal of the man and the city.

David Whitfield – After assignment planning reflection

I have reviewed my planning over the assignment as detailed in the early stages, and after careful consideration, I am fairly happy with the progress that has been achieved.

I will be covering this section in more detail, in my 1000 word reflection, to be carried out as part of the brief, and is typical of an after project review.

The planner has allowed me to stay on course, with a little leeway for unexpected issues, such as the weather, and work commitments.




David Whitfield – Accessibility – Signing

During my video editing, I have considered many different ways that my video and magazine pull out can be accessible to the widest audience possible, and one that I have looked into is adding signing to the video export.

As this is a documentary pitch to the BBC, I feel that it may not be cost effective to offer signing in the pitch.  However, with the full documentary, I feel signing with British Sign Language (BSL) will add to the package.  The BBC offer many of their programmes with signing through the Sign Zone, and with around 50,000 people in the UK using BSL, it will show the video to be inclusive of those viewers.

BBC Breakfast - Signed

BBC Breakfast – Signed

The BBC is among many television partners that offer BSL signed content, so the documentary pitched to the BBC, could also be offered to other terrestrial, and satellite partners.

BSL is one option for signing the video.  American Sign Language (ASL) is different to BSL, and could be considered if the video documentary is offered to a wider audience, specifically to an audience that David Whitfield was popular with.


David Whitfield – Accessibility – Video Subtitling

When looking to find the biggest audience possible for my David Whitfield video, I have considered as many options as possible, and one of these is for the audience who are hard of hearing, or are deaf.

My thoughts on this are that even though this sector of the audience may not be able to fully enjoy the music of David Whitfield, his story is one that is worthy of investing the time in subtitling to ensure that as many people can access it as possible.

I investigated subtitling tools, and there is a product, Amara, that allows subtitles to be added to a Vimeo or YouTube hosted video.

Amara Subtitling

Amara Subtitling

Once I have a completed video with the final edit, I will be transcribing the audio, and I will be using this script to create the subtitles to add to the video.

It may only be a small amount of time and effort to create this, but I feel that it will add to the finished product, and encompass a wider audience to a story that is important to the heritage of music, and gain David Whitfield a greater number of fans.

David Whitfield – Video Final Export

Having completed changes to the rough cut video in Premiere Pro, I have exported the final video for my Creative Futures assignment.

During the editing between the rough and final cut, I completed the following changes:

  • Changed font on opening and closing titles.
  • Altered background music volume
  • Changed key frames for fade in/fade out on background music
  • Changed key frames for fade in/fade out on video feed
  • Removed dead frames in the video to ensure smooth transitions
  • Changed the script between 0.10 and 2.20
  • Completed a new voice over section between 0.10 and 2.20

The final edit of the video is being hosted on Vimeo, and can be viewed here

David Whitfield – Flatplan – 2nd version

After consultation with Sally, regarding my David Whitfield pullout, I needed to create a new flatplan to accommodate the changes I need to make.

The initial 12 page flatplan helped to formulate my ideas, so that I could work with that to create the initial version of the document.

With the changes, I initially thought that the document would grow by a couple of pages, but having worked with the InDesign project, I realised that it would double in size from 12 to 24 pages.

I completed an amended flatplan to work with, and having completed the magazine plan, I have made a final copy of the flatplan and is shown below.

Amended 24-page flatplan for David Whitfield magazine

Amended 24-page flatplan for David Whitfield magazine


David Whitfield – 24-page Magazine Spread – PDF and Online

Following the formative feedback, I have re-uploaded my magazine spread to the same online tools, Issuu and Joomag.

I have kept the original documents on there, together with this new version, so that I can see the changes made side by side




David Whitfield Magazine, published on Issuu


24 page David Whitfield Magazine, published on Joomag

24 page David Whitfield Magazine, published on Joomag


David Whitfield - 24 page PDF

David Whitfield – 24 page PDF


David Whitfield – Changes to Video after formative feedback

After creating my 3 minute documentary pitch video, I asked for my lecturer to take a look at it, to ensure that I was on the right track, and that I would be able to make any changes before the final submission in January.

The video was created in Premiere Pro (PP), and I have a copy of the PP project, together with an export in a MP4 HD 1080p video file.  By keeping both, I can watch the video file on my tablet, and make notes away from the newsroom.

The feedback received was extremely useful, and pointed out things that I had not considered.  When you are so focused on it, sometimes you miss the little things, and by getting someone else to look it over, means that the product can be the best that it can be.

Within the video, I was pleased to learn that the footage was well shot, and tightly edited, but my lecturer felt that the voiceover that I had added concentrated too much on the City of Hull, and not enough on David Whitfield.  This was confirmed when I spoke to one of my peers who agreed with the comment.

With that in mind, I will be re-writing the script, and recording it in the sound studio, and once that is complete, I can import the uncompressed WAV file into the Premiere Pro project, and re-export the video file to a MP4 file in HD1080p to upload to Vimeo.


David Whitfield – Changes to Magazine Spread – PDF and Online

After creating my initial magazine spread for David Whitfield, I submitted it for formative feedback from my tutor, and was pleasantly surprised with the comments that I received.

There were a few alterations that were suggested with the first draft, which I completely agree with.  As I have been so focused on the magazine spread for a few weeks, it was nice to have a few things pointed out that could take a good product, to one that is of a far superior quality.

The suggested amendments were

  • Checking images for stretching out of proportion.
  • Ensuring hyphenation is turned off throughout all text boxes.
  • Consistent use of full stops on captions – Either use them, or don’t.
  • An adjustment of line spacing – Not paragraph spacing, but the actual gap between the lines.
  • A larger background image, leaving a margin on all sides of the main text boxes.
  • Use of photos in larger frames to break up the text frames.
  • Change of colour on the headline on pages 8-11 – Background and text colour.

I also noticed another couple of items that I felt needed to be changed.

  • The “Followed In” section had been expanded from initially 8 bands on 2 pages, to 4 pages, whereas I feel that each artist could benefit from a band per page, taking account of the expanded line spacing, and by giving more space to the headline photo.
  • Slight adjustment of some photos, so that the background images can be seen on all sides, rather than the image merging into the margin.


I will be publishing the new version on the same 2 online websites, Issuu and Joomag to be able to show the changes from initial to final output