I think the finish is in sight…

As mentioned elsewhere, it’s been a long day today, and to be honest, I’ve survived on coffee, a chocolate bar, and lots of nicotine.

I’ve managed to get everything in a position to hand in, including my 2000 word CATS assignment, so all I have to do now is the presentation on Thursday morning, and hand everything in, so by 3pm at the latest, it’ll all be done and dusted, and then back to enjoy a little glass of something to reflect on the year, and start reading up for next year.

I just hope that my fellow class members crack on tomorrow with their work in my absence, and get as much done as possible with what is now a free day.  I know they have it in them to nail a day like I’ve had today, and go forward to Thursday, better prepared for the deadlines.

Right, home, dinner, shower and bed for me, it’s been a proper rollercoaster today, but it’s done, and I can start again in the morning.

Long day in the office….

But such a productive one!!

I’ve been in since 7.30am, and managed to get everyone together during the sound lesson, and afterwards, to get their paperwork together to finally hand everything in, complete with green slip, as St. Mary’s Church sounded it’s bells for 4pm.

I have to admit, it’s been quite tense in the studio today, given that the deadline was looming, but thankfully, both podcasts were handed in as well prior to the deadline.

I’ve used the time waiting around constructively, as I’ve managed to get another couple of pieces done, and they will be handed in on Thursday for News Production and Law.

That leaves me just the CATS presentation on Thursday morning, and the accompanying 2000 word essay to edit, after I’ve received my feedback from the lecturer.

Once that’s done, and handed in, then my 1st year of University Study is complete, with only a couple of newsdays on Thursday’s to attend.

It’s a lovely feeling to be in a position where tomorrow morning, I can just look over my work, make small amendments where necessary, and print it out, ready to hand in.

Thanks to everyone for your support, you know who you are.

First day of the final week

Today at Uni has gone pretty well.

Presentation completed on time, and within the time constraint.  The follow up assignment handed in a week early, and passed the law exam.

One word…phew!

Really pleased with that, and can now move on to the group sound assignment in the morning.  I just hope that Tuesday brings resolution to that assignment, in the same positive manner that Monday’s efforts have brought.

So, left to do is:

  • Sound Assignment Hand In – Tomorrow
  • CATS Presentation – Thursday AM
  • Writing For Purpose Stories – Friday 22nd
  • CATS Essay – Friday 22nd
  • Court Report – Friday 15th

Sound Assignment will be OK, providing everyone turns up with what they are supposed to have produced.  CATS Presentation is done, I’m just waiting for feedback on my 2nd draft of my essay.  I’m also waiting for feedback on the Writing For Purpose stories, and we had all forgotten about the court report, so I need to get on with that straight away.

Still aiming for Thursday PM to have everything handed in, and then I can concentrate on making things right for the next year, and planning for that.

What’s left to hand in….

This lunchtime I handed in the first of many assignments that are due over the next few weeks, and with each green slip I get, the pressure is slightly reduced.

I’m focused on what’s left now, and this post is a gentle reminder for when I’m feeling like it’s all too much, and yes, that does happen.

  • Video Presentation – Initial video handed in, and feedback/comments received, so the action plan is to make these changes and upload the video by the close of business on Friday 8th May.
  • Law Exam – Passed the mock exam last week, so pleased with that, but no resting on the laurels, I have to make sure that I keep revising each day to ensure that the knowledge sticks for the real one on the 11th.
  • CATS – 2000 word essay handed in for feedback, so I need to await that coming back.  My Harvard referencing is on track, so once I get the email, I can make the necessary changes, and put the referencing and it together.  I have one further reflection to do, comparing the work of the two photo journalists that I selected in February.  I have analysed their work, but need to make a comparison piece of the two.
  • Creative Futures (Sally) – My immersive web experience is complete, and the necessary presentation is completed and online.  I just need to re-read the brief, to ensure that I’ve not missed anything in either.  The only things after that is the presentation which is on the 11th.
  • News Production – I have written my news story, but I need to put together the council story.  I have the information, press release and quotes, so that shouldn’t be too taxing.  I must ensure to consult the style book to ensure that all the t’s are crossed, and the i’s dotted.
  • Sound – The podcasts are nearly completed, it’s just a case of assembling the post-production paperwork ready to hand in on Tuesday next week.

So, all in all, I think I’m ok with it all.  It’s nice to have the buffer of time, to make sure that I’ve done everything I can before handing in the work.

Deadlines – Ticking the boxes

I never thought I’d be in this position.  It’s 3 May, 8.20pm, and I’ve got two of the biggest assignments ready to hand in.

So, to celebrate, I’ve got a nice glass of wine, some music playing, and I’m going to allow myself 30 minutes of relaxing before setting too and seeing what else I can get done before the sun rises in the morning.

I’ve needed to really nail the work this weekend, so that some fun times can be had, as I’m one for immersing myself into stuff way way too deep.

I know I’ve got to be up early in the morning to go and do some extra videoing for my News Production assignment, so that has to be the big priority tomorrow.  I’m aiming to get at least an hour of recording done, so that I can edit on Tuesday and send the video off for checking.

Assignments left to do are:

  • CATS – 2000 Word Essay on 2 influential journalists
  • Sound – 2 x 10 minute podcasts with all relevant paperwork
  • Law Exam
  • Writing for Purpose – 1 News Story, 1 Council Story
  • News Production – 105 second video to add to, edit and submit.

Thoughts and Musings – Easy like Sunday Morning

It’s a grey, cold and wet Sunday Morning, and the strange thing for me is that I’m not on air currently!  I’ve done a swap with the afternoon presenter, so that he can watch Chelsea vs Crystal Palace, but what it has allowed me to do is crack on with my work for University.

It’s a long Bank Holiday weekend, and I’ve made sure that I’ve done as much as possible this weekend, together with some housework as well…it’s not all rock and roll being a student.  Ironing, hoovering and dusting goes hand in hand with creating Immersive Web Experiences, recording Video for a news production, creating presentations and writing about 2 influential journalists.

I can’t rest on my laurels this weekend and watch the cricket and relax, it’s just about ticking off the jobs and getting on with things, because there is no better feeling than handing in assignments early, so that you can just sit back and think I’ve done everything I can do, without the headless chicken routine of doing stuff on the day that it’s due in.

Right, I’d best go and do the A-Z of Music, this week featuring the letter I, and also plan for tomorrow’s drivetime show as well…assignments are very important, but getting work experience is almost as crucial to gaining a well rounded degree, come graduation in 2017!




Rainy Bank Holidays….

Well it’s Saturday evening…England are playing the West Indies at cricket, and I’m fully in the zone for my Immersive Web Experience, which features the legendary cricket commentator Richie Benaud.

Outside it’s raining gently, and I’ve been doing assignment work for Uni for the last 11 hours, pretty much without a break.  The coffee has been taking a hammering, but knowing that deadlines are due from 11 May onwards, I’m trying to get as much done as possible with the long Bank Holiday weekend.

The thing that is pushing me, is that I don’t want the massive stress of rushing things at the last minute, I want to be clear of a couple of deadlines this coming week completely satisfied that I’ve done everything I can to get the best grade I can.

To everyone who is in the same boat as me at the moment, I say this…Put all your effort in, leave no stone unturned, and give yourself a few days spare so that if you think of something to add, then you can do.

Right, back to it…oh and the West Indies are currently 152-7 in their first innings, the rain is still falling, and I’ve got a lovely glass of Dancing Bull to have as a treat for my efforts today 🙂





Three Weeks

The next three weeks are busy, but very critical for my degree.

I’ve got five weeks until the final deadlines, but I’m aiming to have everything done and dusted, allowing a little buffer to ensure that if things go wrong, then I can make sure that things are done.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to people thinking of heading back to University, it is to not let things build up so that you’ve got so many deadlines to meet within a very small timeframe.

So, with an immersive web experience to mock up, an eight page booklet, two journalists to compare, two podcasts to create, a video piece suitable for local television news, and a law exam, I’ve ensured that I know exactly what I need to do and in what order to ensure I can meet my self-imposed deadline.

Once that’s done, and news days are out of the way, I can concentrate on the summer, and getting some money in the bank to make sure that I can buy the things I would like to make the second and third years much easier!time-481444_1280