Self initiated project – Identifying video locations

One strand of my self initiated project is creating videos focusing on the broadcast area of West Hull FM, to show that the radio station isn’t just about being in the studio, and we have a working knowledge of the area that we serve.


West Hull FM Coverage Map

By using the OFCOM map above, I am able to look at potential areas for creating a video to showcase the area that West Hull FM serves.

The areas I have identified are all on the north bank of the River Humber, and are located within the purple and green areas highlighted.

I will be investigating the areas, looking at the services, businesses and interesting stories to tell via a video montage, that will link back to the radio station.

David Whitfield – Further Developments to Video/Magazine – Walking Tour of Hull

A further development of the Video and Magazine, could be using the content, together with other famous people from Hull, to create a walking audio tour.

Using David Whitfield, together with other people that my peers have covered in the assignment, a walking audio tour could cover each of the famous people.  Thomas Ferens, Jack Harrison, Phillip Larkin and Ebeneezer Cobb Morley, could feature in a tour of the city centre, created for tourists from a variety of countries, on a headset that can offer the tour in various languages.

Audio Guide Handset

Audio Guide Handset

The headsets are used in a variety of museums and walking tours in large cities around the world, and this could be a future development of the project.

David Whitfield – Future Developments of Magazine and Video – Magazine Series

Hull's Musical Heritage

Hull’s Musical Heritage

As part of the future developments of the Magazine Spread, I have considered the other artists featured within the David Whitfield pullout.

I would look to pitch a further 8 issues of “Hull’s Musical Heritage” featuring The Beautiful South, Joe Longthorne, Mick Ronson, The Housemartins, Sade, Everything But The Girl, The Paddingtons, and Roland Gift.

By pitching further issues, it would show that a one-off pull out, can provide more content, which would make it a more worthwhile proposition to the publisher.

The layout of the magazine would stay the same, with different content, ensuring consistency, and that the only things that would need to change would be the text and image content.

David Whitfield – Video Final Export

Having completed changes to the rough cut video in Premiere Pro, I have exported the final video for my Creative Futures assignment.

During the editing between the rough and final cut, I completed the following changes:

  • Changed font on opening and closing titles.
  • Altered background music volume
  • Changed key frames for fade in/fade out on background music
  • Changed key frames for fade in/fade out on video feed
  • Removed dead frames in the video to ensure smooth transitions
  • Changed the script between 0.10 and 2.20
  • Completed a new voice over section between 0.10 and 2.20

The final edit of the video is being hosted on Vimeo, and can be viewed here

Final Script – David Whitfield

This is the logo that will become more recognisable as Hull has been designated as the 2017 UK City of Culture.

As part of the celebrations, Hull’s music will be at the forefront of events held, including here in Queens Gardens.

The focus of my documentary will look back at a name from a long line of recording talent connected with the city.  A man who performed across Hull and the East Riding, before moving further afield.  His rich tenor voice was also heard across Europe, thanks to broadcasts by Radio Luxembourg, and via the BBC.

He was born in 1926, and grew up in the east of Hull.  Educated at St. Peters School, his love of music developed at the nearby church, and this grounding started the musical journey.

Hull was a seafaring city, and after leaving school, David joined the Royal Navy, and was part of the D-Day landings aboard HMS Ramilles.  He also saw further service in the Far East.

After leaving the Navy, David continued his singing career, performing in venues such as Hull City Hall, and impressed packed houses across the country.

His statue, commissioned at a cost of £50,000, was unveiled in 2012.  Sculpted by Graham Ibbeson, it portrays a humble man sharing his voice with the audience.

His audience that became worldwide after sell out performances in North America, Australasia, and the Far East.

He performed on the Ed Sullivan – Toast of the Town show, even before The Beatles.  His final performance had a TV audience of over 65 million people.

So in this documentary, I want to look at what drove a working class man from Hull to such success, how his path has inspired others, and why his legacy deserves further recognition.

A name and face not particularly well-known to the younger generation, is this man.  This is David Whitfield.

From humble roots in the Drypool area to international recording artist conquering America and Australia, in this documentary, I will be looking at the life and career of a man who had 2 Number 1 Singles, 9 other Top 10’s and wowed audiences around the world until his untimely death in 1980.

So please join me on my journey of discovery to find out just who David Whitfield was, and why his contribution to Hull’s rich heritage deserves to be celebrated in the run up to “Everyone Back to Ours”, Hull as City of Culture, starting on the 1st of January 2017.

David Whitfield – Pullout research – Roland Gift

Roland Gift, originally from the Sparkhill area of Birmingham, moved to Hull aged 11.

He studied at Kelvin Hall School, before moving to The Hull School of Art, and whilst there he was a member of a ska band, Akrylykz, as the saxophonist. After unsuccessful chart releases, Gift was approached by two members of “The Beat”, who Akrylykz had supported on tour.

Andy Cox and David Steele spoke to Gift, asking him to join a new band as the lead singer, and the 3 formed band, Fine Young Cannibals, named after a 1960 film, “All The Fine Young Cannibals”.

Between 1985, and 1997, the band released 14 singles, 5 of which reached the top 10 in the UK singles chart.  The most successful of these was “She Drives Me Crazy”, which reached number 5 in the UK, but got to number 1 in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and most importantly, in terms of kudos, the US, where it topped the Dance chart, and the prestigious Billboard Top 100.

David Whitfield – Pullout research – The Paddingtons

The Paddingtons were a 5 piece indie-rock band from Hull that were active between 2004 and 2008.

Comprising of Tom Atkin, Stuee Bevan, Josh Hubbard, and brothers Lloyd and Grant Dobbs, they toured across the UK, and supported Babyshambles on their tour in 2005.

They released 6 singles, with the track “Panic Attack” being the most successful, reaching Number 25 in May 2005.

In addition to the single releases, the band have released 2 studio albums, and 2 compilation albums.

David Whitfield – Pullout research – Everything But The Girl

Formed in 1982, Everything But The Girl comprised of Tracey Thorn, and Ben Watt.

Although not originally from Hull, they met at the University of Hull, and performed as solo artists in 1982, before forming the duo.  The band name came from the slogan for a shop, Turner’s Furniture, that advertised that they sold “Everything But The Girl”.

They had chart success from 1983 until 2002, but have not performed publicly since 2000.

As a duo, they released 31 singles, 4 of which reached the Top 10 in the UK.  The 2 most successful hits were “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” and the Todd Terry remix of a previously released track “Missing”, both of which reached Number 3.

David Whitfield – Pullout research – Sade

The band Sade were formed in 1982 in London, but 3 of the original band members, Stuart Matthewman, Paul Denman, and Paul Cook, were born and raised in and around Hull.

The band name is taken from the shortened form of the name of the lead singer, Helen Folasade Adu.

Since being formed, there have been two other members of the band, Andrew Hale, and Dave Early.

Active from 1984, they have released 23 singles, the most successful of which was their debut single “Your Love Is King”, which reached Number 6 in the UK.

They have also released 6 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 2 compilation albums.

David Whitfield – Pullout research – Joe Longthorne

Joe Longthorne’s career started at a young age, as he was born into a show business family, with both of his parents performing as travelling show artistes.

Aged 14, he landed a place in a local television show, Yorkshire Television’s Junior Showtime, and from there, he started to perform professionally in the Northern club scene.

London called in 1981, with the London Weekend Television show, Search for a Star, and from that performances at the London Palladium, and The Talk of the Town.

A glittering career that could have been cut short, as in 1989, Joe was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which eventually degenerated into leukemia.

Throughout his treatment, including a bone marrow transplant, Joe continued to perform at high profile venues across the world.

He has released 11 albums, but is more noted for his live shows across the world, and is back on tour in 2016.