The time for talking is over.

The headsets are coming off, and the gloves are going on at local communications company Res-Q.

Staff from the company, who have offices on George Street, are taking to the boxing ring in a White Collar Boxing event, in order to raise money for Hull Children’s University.

The event, taking place for the 3rd time, will see amateur boxers trying to outwit each other in 10 fights, over the event, which will feature a range of styles, fitness levels, and genders.

Lee Cowan, Team Leader will be fighting in the penultimate fight of the evening, and is looking forward to the night.

He said: “I’m going to be relying on my natural fitness from my time in the forces, and I will be fighting an opponent who spends lots of time in the gym, plays rugby, and is 15 years my junior.

“I’m hoping that my experience and general fitness regime will get me through. Being a 35 year old, father of two children, it’s not something that I’m used to, but I will be putting all my effort into a good result.”

Mikey Booth, also a Team Leader, working with Simplify Digital, is looking to go one better this time.

He said: “My opponent and I fought out a draw last time, so I’m prepared better this time, so that I can finally beat him.”

Cheering the fighters on will the anticipated 400-strong crowd at the KC Stadium on the 23rd October.

Tickets are available from Res-Q reception on George Street, priced £10, with all proceeds going to support the Children’s University.

ResQOffice ResQBoxing

Wheels of fortune for Hull and East Riding

Building on the success of this year’s Tour De Yorkshire, is the plan of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Excited members of the public lined the streets as the inaugural event passed through the streets of Beverley on Saturday, and the Council are looking to bring the event back to the county next year.

More than 1.2 million visitors lined the route which started in Bridlington on Friday, before finishing in Leeds on Sunday.

Although Hull turned down the opportunity to host one of the stages in 2015, there are calls for the city to play a leading part in next year’s event.

Joyce Reynolds, 36, of Holderness Road said: “I saw the start of the event in Bridlington, and I really think it should come to Hull next year.  The crowds will see how spectacular this city can be.”

Her feelings were matched by Bill Walters, 63, from Hedon.

He said: “I used to do a bit of cycling in my youth, and I think it’s a fantastic event, and I’m already looking forward to seeing the great athletes come back again next year, hopefully to Hull.”

It’s already been called the largest cycle race outside of the Tour De France, and local tourism bosses are hoping to again tap into this important event in the cycling calendar.



Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Paul Spooner – Biography

Paul Spooner

Paul Spooner

Paul Spooner has played a major role within local politics for the last 20 years, and will be the only candidate standing for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) within the area.

He has campaigned tirelessly for the city, and his political ambitions started in the 1970s.

Being a former support of Militant, he is now representing TUSC in the forthcoming Hull West and Hessle election.


Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Claire Thomas – Biography

Claire Thomas

Originally from Devon, but graduating from The University of Hull with a PhD in International Politics, Claire Thomas is the parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the Hull West and Hessle constituency in the forthcoming election.

She is currently a Liberal Democrat Councillor for the Pickering Ward in West Hull, and has been very active in campaigns to improve the quality of life for residents within the city.

She believes her role is to stand up for Hull and Hessle, and let people know about the great people in our area.

Away from politics, Claire has worked in the manufacturing sector and has also been a lecturer in International Politics at the Universities of Hull and Sheffield.  She is also works within the voluntary sector for a local charity supporting vulnerable women.

Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Paul Salvidge – Biography

Paul Salvidge

Paul Salvidge

Born on the Bransholme Estate, Paul Salvidge is currently the chairman of the Hull West and Hessle branch of UKIP, and will be standing for parliament in the forthcoming election.

He studied at Hull Grammar School, before studying Law at the Polytechnic of Central London, before returning to his roots, completing a post-graduate degree in European Union, Policies and Politics at the University of Hull.

His politican career started out representing the city as a Labour city councillor in the late 1990s, before defecting to UKIP.

Away from politics, Paul has worked for a number of multi-national companies negotiating contracts between companies and with governments.

Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Angela Needham – Biography

Angela Needham

Originally campaigning for the Liberal Party, Angela Needham joined the Green Party in 1981.

A graduate of Literature and Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, she was chair of the university’s United Nations Student Association, and played an active part in raising awareness and fundraising to help a South African student escape the apartheid regime and gain a university education.

She campaigned against the locating of Cruise Missiles in the United Kingdom, and was one of the 3 founders of the Molesworth Peace Camp in 1981.  She has also been involved in support groups through the Miners’ Strike, and during both conflicts in the Gulf.

In her spare time Angela is a keen bird watcher and enjoys doing surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology, Marinelife and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Jo Barker – Biography

Jo Barker

As a graduate from the University of Liverpool, Jo Barker was a late replacement for the Conservative Party for the Hull West and Hessle constituency, following the defection of Mike Whitehead to UKIP.

A Midlands-based business woman, Jo Barker has been a member of the Conservative Party for the last 25 years, and was initially the shortlisted for the Thirsk and Malton constituency, before the vacancy arose in Hull West and Hessle.

Currently she is the managing director of a commercial property firm in Warwickshire, which has been in the same family ownership for five generations.

She wants to represent Hull West and Hessle because she wants to give everyone access to the same opportunities she have had.

Away from work and politics, Jo enjoys travelling, diving and singing.

Election Blog for Hyperfruit – Alan Johnson – Biography

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson has served the constituency of Hull West and Hessle, since it’s inception in 1997.

Born in London in 1950, he attended Sloane Grammar School in Chelsea, before leaving at the age of 15, taking a job in a supermarket stacking shelves.

Aged 18, he worked as a postman, and became interested in Union politics, joining the Union of Communication Workers, becoming Branch Official, and ultimately as General Secretary in 1992.

A member of the Labour Party since 1971, he worked for Labour’s National Executive Committee, until entering parliament in 1997.

During his time in the Commons, he held various Government roles, including Secretary of State for Health, Education, Trade and Industry, and Work and Pensions.  In 2009, he became Home Secretary, replacing Jacqui Smith.

He ran for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party in 2007, where he was narrowly beaten by Harriet Harman.  He was touted for a leadership challenge in 2014, which he denied.

Away from his political life, his hobbies include music, tennis, reading, cooking, football, and radio.  He has also published two volumes of his memoirs, winning several awards for his work.

Minster or church – Will a change of name make a difference?


Joining Grimsby, Beverley, Doncaster and various towns and cities around the United Kingdom, Hull has been bestowed the honour of a Minster.

Holy Trinity Church has been selected by Archbishop John Sentamu to be renamed Hull Minster ready for 2017, Hull’s City of Culture Year.

It will be the first church to be rededicated as a Minster since Cheltenham in 2013, and locally, Leeds Parish Church in 2012.

Another piece of the jigsaw in place for the most important year in Hull for many years, or just simply a name change?

Pat Brown, 67, from Greenwood Avenue, thinks that it will be significant for the city.

She said: “This church deserves to be a minster, it’s such a beautiful building, and there is a real buzz around the place now.

“There are towns that have a minster, and given how big Hull is, it is long overdue, and I think Holy Trinity is the perfect choice.

“I am always proud to spread the word about Holy Trinity, and now it is going to be called Hull Minster, the name gives it more prestige.”

A date has yet to be set for the rededication service, but it will be in time for the City of Culture year.

Ian Martin, 58, from Holderness Road, is looking forward to 2017, and feels the timing is right.

He said: “When you look at this announcement, it will give the city a real presence on the map.  Christians from around the world will now see Hull as a major player within the Christian community.

Holy Trinity has always had it’s fans here in the city, and with 2017 coming, and all the benefits that it brings, the Minster will be a great centrepiece to what promises to be a fantastic year, and the journey we are going to be on over the next couple of years.”

Plans announced in conjunction with Hull City Council, will see the whole area around the church transformed into a european style piazza, while the church will be remodelled to create a working space for concerts and cultural events.

The next two years are going to be exciting for Holy Trinity Church, and for parishioners and visitors alike.

ARC-hitecture with a new beginning

One of Hull’s award-winning buildings is set for a move across the Humber to the South Bank.

The Architecture and Built-Environment Centre (ARC) building, which is currently situated on land just off the corner of Castle Street, Queen Street, and Blanket Row, has been purchased by Motor Depot Car Supermarkets, and is set for a new home as the sales office for their branch on Bessemer Way in Scunthorpe.

The building which was designed as a modular kit, featured mini wind turbines, and solar panels, won numerous Royal Institute of British Architects award, when it was completed in 2006. The ARC has suffered with problems from the outset, with many of it’s renewable features requiring extensive maintenance.  The charity that ran the building, The Humber Centre for Excellence in the Built Environment Limited went into liquidation in 2013.

Currently fenced off from the public, The ARC will be dismantled to make it’s move to Scunthorpe, once planning permission has been obtained from North Lincolnshire Council.

P1020023 P1020025