Dissertation ideas

During the CATS session on Wednesday, I was given the task of looking into ideas for my third year dissertation.  This has been a process that has made me focus on where I want my research to take me over the next few months.

Here I have outlined my ideas for potential subjects.

  1. The BBC is in a privileged position where it is funded by the licence fee for its TV, Radio and Online offer.  What changes can be made to the corporation to make it fit for the 21st Century?
  2. Print newspaper sales are declining as more people are accessing their news online.  What can legacy products do to survive in an ever-changing marketplace?
  3. TV and radio audiences are changing, how can an ever expanding number of outlets compete for an audience?


The BBC is in a privileged position where it is funded by the licence fee for its TV, Radio and Online offer.  What changes can be made to the corporation to make it fit for the 21st Century?

  • BBC is having to make cost savings across its entire output.
  • TV channels are going online, BBC Three already gone, rumours of BBC News Channel to close, shrinking audiences for local radio.
  • Sports coverage gone from regular coverage to more niche sports, or paying over the odds for football.
  • Impact of participation of sports as less sport seen on free to air television.
  • Licence fee – will this be abolished in favour of advertising/subscription?
  • Radio stations merging to cover larger areas, or simulcasting to save money?
  • What do other countries do? Do they have a huge national Public broadcaster?
  • Would people fund a higher licence fee? Do they know what they actually get for their money?
  • If News channel closes, what are the implications of journalists who are in the four corners of the world?
  • Will TV news go back to just 1, 6 and 10pm?
  • Impact of Five Live potentially merging with BBC Local Radio

Print newspaper sales are declining as more people are accessing their news online.  What can legacy products do to survive in an ever-changing marketplace?

  • Adverts to fund newspaper websites – people hate them, but they pay for the online offer.
  • Will people be willing to pay a higher price for a print version?
  • Online apps to offer the same copy as print?  Metro/Mirror already do this.
  • Why did paywalls not work for the biggest selling daily newspaper, The Sun.
  • Will more newspapers close?  Independent going, Johnston Press putting 59 newspapers on alert for costs savings or closure?
  • Bloggers?  Can legacy papers tap into hyperlocal websites?  Content or journalists?
  • Newspapers – more untrained journalists?
  • Legal issues, with smaller numbers of staff being stretched, dangers of legal issues with stories.
  • When is enough enough?  Independent ran at a loss for years, Guardian has multi million pound losses year on year.
  • Will local newspapers cease to exist?
  • As the population ages, can anything be done to reverse the decline?
  • People with slow broadband speeds – particularly rural areas – may struggle to access news where local newspapers are closing/closed.

TV and radio audiences are changing, how can an ever-expanding number of outlets compete for an audience?

  • More channels pitching for the same audience.
  • Increased fees for TV packages, Sky, Virgin, Talk Talk, BT.
  • How will the likes of Freeview and Freesat compete when they don’t receive any extra money from the viewers?
  • Will good quality investigative journalism be lost to a minority channel, whereas it used to be shown on the major channels, BBC/ITV/C4?
  • How we access TV/Radio has changed, will the people be less informed?
  • Impact of music streaming services – No news output
  • Stories that may have been covered previously, will they be lost as audiences find alternative news or not at all?
  • What impact will media ownership have as to journalistic output?
  • 21 news channels on Sky, but only 4 on Freeview, does this mean that poorer people will not be able to access as much news?

Self Initiated – Meeting at West Hull FM – Agreement – 25/2

After my initial meeting with Michael regarding ideas to take the radio station forward, Michael and I had a further meeting.

At this meeting, Michael explained that as Station Manager, he had to take the ideas through to Goodwin Community Trust as they fund the radio station.

It was agreed that the ideas about Videos, Media Kit and Magazine were given the green light, whereas the Social Media angle was not. The latter was due to restriction placed on the social media accounts, after previous issues with people having the password for the main accounts, and some inappropriate tweets aimed at other local radio stations.

I understand the reasoning behind this decision, albeit it a disappointing one, but now we have the agreement, I can start to work on the projects that have got the go ahead.

Self Initiated – Meeting at West Hull FM – 11/2

I had a meeting with the station manager of West Hull FM, Michael Tuton, to discuss the potential of working with the radio station to try and increase their brand.

Offering my services to the radio station gives me the opportunity to increase the listenership of the radio station, which not only works for them, but also for myself as a radio presenter on that station.

If more people know and listen to the output of West Hull FM, then there is a highly probability that people will listen to my own shows on the radio station, which gives me a better chance of building my own personal brand as well.

I put to Michael about the different ideas I have had, and will await his response to which ones he feels will benefit the most.


  • Video – Featuring the towns and villages served by West Hull FM
  • Video – A brief introduction to the radio station
  • Media Kit – To show potential advertisers what they are able to gain from advertising on the radio station
  • Magazine – To build the brand with current and future listeners
  • Social Media – Increasing the current social media offer from the radio station
  • TuneIn – Update the TuneIn account for the radio station, to build on the 185 registered listeners on the site.
  • Podcasts – Allowing a listen again service.
  • Periscope – To encourage people to use Periscope to use along with their own radio shows.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Storyboard

I must apologise first off for the quality of my drawing.  I’m certainly no Van Gogh!

After the consultation with Sally, regarding my immersive web experience (IWE), I’ve a fair idea what I need to do, so creating a story board was the first job I needed to do on this stage.

I drafted out everything that I wanted to get in the IWE, and made sure that I made notes to that effect.  This was then pinned onto my board, to ensure that I kept to the brief and ideas that I had for the final product.

With these documents, I can keep on top of the screen production.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Version 2 New Screen Ideas

This is an initial idea for an Immersive Web Experience (IWE) for Richie Benaud.  After the discussion in class earlier today, I need to think outside the box, and any idea is a possibility.

Richie Benaud Idea 1

Using the Australian map, this idea is to keep Richie’s strong roots to his homeland at the forefront of the IWE, but is one of the ideas I have.  By getting these ideas mocked up, at least it allows me to see what does and does not work.

MCG Boxing Day

This idea reflects Australia’s affection for two cricket icons, Richie Benaud, and the Boxing Day Test Match.  It is very similar to the 1st idea, but allows the user to choose their own path through the story.




Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Brainstorming

During my research, I have tried to find what makes a good Immersive Web Experience (IWE).  The form is becoming more popular as people get to grips with the technology, and I found an article on Developer-Tech.com, which discusses what makes a good IWE.

The article highlights 3 key elements that an IWE needs to have, and places them all at number 1 in terms of importance.

  • Powerful story
  • User interaction
  • Be Creative – Not a copycat

During the design process, I will be keeping those 3 things in mind to ensure that my product stands up within the marketplace.

Richie Benaud’s story is a powerful one.  His influence within the game of cricket is without question, as a player, captain, commentator, and journalist.  I need to keep the user interaction high within the product, ensuring that there is plenty to keep the user enthused.  I will also be viewing lots of IWE’s to see where the pitfalls are, and try to avoid them, and attempt to do something different to everyone else.


Creative Futures – Photography – Ideas for Photographic Essay

Having being given our Photographic Essay brief, planning is key, so I’ve been looking at ideas on which theme to use throughout the task.

15 – 30 photos on an given subject, allows for massive scope and looking locally and in the wider area, there are lots of ideas that I am giving serious thought to.

I have currently got 4 areas on my horizon, and these are

  • Progress of Farming
  • Development of Flight
  • Railways through the ages
  • One Day

Looking at each in turn, these are my thoughts on the subjects.

Progress of Farming

Farming is a huge industry in my local area of Northern Lincolnshire.  There is a wide variety of arable crops grown, from Carrots, Potatoes and Beetroot, through to grain crops such as Barley and Wheat. Farming techniques have changed over the years, from manual labour to harvest the crops using hand tools, to modern, more machine led ways of gathering.  The farmer with scythes and horse drawn ploughs have now been replaced with Combine Harvesters with GPS trackers, Drilling Machines, and Intensive farming.  Photos could include older techniques of farming, together with newer ways of working.

modern combine harvester working on a wheat crop 20c_farm_mowing_clov

Development of Flight

From the first flight in 1903 with the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, the formation of the Royal Air Force in 1918, supersonic passenger flight with Concorde, to today’s more fuel efficient wide bodied jets, Flight has fascinated Man over the last 111 years.  Photo ideas include Biplanes from the early part of the 20th Century, moving to Spitfires and Lancasters that provided a turning point in World War II.  After the war, the move to passenger aircraft, with the first passenger jet, The De Havilland Comet, which was successful if not filled with the teething problems of this new age.  Boeing 747’s, through to the Airbus A380.  There are aircraft museums locally, at Elvington, and Doncaster, together with numerous airports within travelling distance.

Cessna180 Concorde-Wallpapers-8

Railways through the ages

Vehicles on rails have been in Europe since the 16th Century, but passenger services only started in the 1800’s.  From Stephenson’s Rocket, the Rainhill Trials, iconic steam trains such as Mallard, the Sir Nigel Gresley and The Flying Scotsman, railways have been a major contributor to the success of the United Kingdom. Things changed post World War II, with the move from Steam to Diesel/Electric, and also the major impact the Beeching Cuts had in the 1960’s.  Suitable images could include Steam Trains, Diesel/Electric Trains, MagLev trains, through to the changing face of the railways from British Rail to the split to Network Rail who run the tracks, and the Operating Companies such as Transpennine Express, Northern Rail, and First Hull Trains that run the services, and major companies that own the rolling stock that are leased to the Operating Companies.228-2013-national-railway-museum-york-the-great-gathering-stephensons-rocket-replicaPicture of Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer diesel multiple unit 142021

One Day

Every day is the same, 24 hours, 1440 Minutes, 86400 Seconds.  But each day is different.  The changing of the seasons, different weather conditions, the changing times of the sun and the moon rising and setting each day.  The days uniqueness gives huge scope for portraying a 24 hour period, from the stars twinkling overnight, the sun rising in the east early in the morning, moving around to the South, before setting in the West in the early evening.  Cloud, rain, wind, hail, snow, and sun, in an ever changing sky, make for lots of ideas for photographs.  The idea of one day in pictures, from the sun rising, different scenes throughout the day, until finally the sun sets, and the moon and stars shine brightly from a cloudless sky.

Train station midnight-train-station-21590684