David Whitfield – Future Developments of Magazine and Video – Immersive Web Experience

In a future development of the project, an immersive web experience, similar to what I looked at during Year 1, would add further content to the magazine and video content.

By utilising tools such as Shorthand Social, Racontr, and Interlude, the video and text content can be used and further enhanced with other video, audio and external links to additional areas of interest.

Shorthand Social

Shorthand Social



An immersive web experience can be flat-planned and storyboarded in the same way as the traditional product, but the key would be to ensure that the product is media-rich, and allow for the consumer to take a guided path through, but still exercise the control to move around the product, if they so wanted.



Preparation for Year 2

It might be the end of Year 1, but that doesn’t mean that I’m resting on my laurels and just enjoying the sunshine.

As part of Creative Futures for next year, I will be making the Immersive Web Experience all about Richie Benaud, so I have bought the book Richie published in 2011, to learn more about my subject, ready to create a product worthy of the man.

My Life So Far

It’s a fascinating read, and even though I’m only 3 chapters in, I have discovered things that I never knew, and I thought I knew my subject well.

I’m looking forward to getting through the book, and using this knowledge in my product in Year 2.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Presentation Reflection

Richie Benaud Start Screen

Richie Benaud – Immersive Web Experience

After my presentation this morning, I thought it only right that I reflect on how I felt it went.

Being first up was always the way that I’d planned it, so that I could get it done and dusted and out of the way.

I was acutely aware of the time constraint of 15 minutes to get as much of the presentation in as possible, and I made sure of that by having a clock next to the computer, so that I could assess how close to my run through I was.

By splitting my presentation into two, the Prezi, and then the InVision mock up, I was concerned that the technology would not work correctly, but thankfully it worked correctly.

After the tech issues of last week, I made sure that I had a backup plan, including printed screenshots, and a offline powerpoint presentation just in case.

By doing that, I felt a little more relaxed going into the session, but knowing that everything was working, I felt that the level of work I had put into the assignment would shine through.

I had some feedback from Sally, some good, and some pointers to change once I get to the 2nd year, when we make the product for real.

I will be taking those on board, and ensuring that I learn from this assignment, and the semester as a whole.

So, I’m fairly happy with the presentation, the assignment is handed in now, and I can do no more.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Self Appraisal

During the process to create the Immersive Web Experience (IWE), I have gained lots of experience in creating content that is outside the usual boundaries of telling a story.

Using software that I have been unwilling to explore was a revelation to me, and I am very pleased that I took the leap of faith and used these, because without them, I’m not sure that the final product would have been as satisfactory for me.

Using Mindomo and Pearltrees has been a real eye opener for me, and I’m only sorry that I didn’t use them sooner.  To keep all of the relevant information in one place to refer back to on Pearltrees is a whole lot easier than keeping scraps of paper on my desk, or in my inbox.

Pearltrees Information

Using that information, and then adding that content to Mindomo to visualise the finalised product is certainly going to be my approach going forward into the next year of the course.

Mindomo - Richie Benaud

Mindomo – Richie Benaud

The initial mockup of the IWE using Powerpoint, was not a complete disaster, but it didn’t give the level of interactivity that I wanted to show, and I was very thankful that my lecturer was able to give me some time during the lesson, and also via email to get me on the right track with it.  The final version using InVision is 100% better than the product I would have shown using Powerpoint.

Using a combination of Photoshop to create the screens, and InVision to show the interactivity gives the final product form and function, and shows what is possible with dedicated IWE software, and I look forward to using my skills in the second year to create an IWE with full functionality.

The final piece of software I have explored during this assignment is Prezi.  I have to be honest, I thought it was a little gimmicky in the first semester, but I realise the power of it, and the fact that I can present something on the computer screen, but control it with my Ipad sold the idea to me.  So, I persevered with it, and created my final presentation using it, and I’m very happy with the outcome.

In summary, I’m fairly satisfied with the overall assignment, in terms of management of time, use of technology, and the final outcome.  The only downside is that I was unable to create the printed version, after this was dropped from the assignment, but I am sure that one of those will appear on the blog in the future, in my own time.

I am looking forward to using these skills going forward into the next year.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Final Version

Having made small adjustments to the Immersive Web Experience (IWE), I believe that I have managed to get to grips with InVision, and Photoshop to make a product that is in keeping with the assignment brief.

It is a product that benefits from the immersive approach, and with the blend of text, audio, video and photos, it showcases Richie Benaud perfectly.

There are 28 different elements to the presentation, which is fully interactive, and will be a great stepping stone to making it for real in Year 2.

IWE Mockup Screens

By using InVision in this way, I have been able to cross check with the Mindomo map I created earlier in the semester, and make slight adjustments where things needed to be added, changed, or removed.

The IWE is available to view from the InVision website link.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Presentation

This is my presentation for my Richie Benaud Immersive Web Experience (IWE).

It has been a very enjoyable journey for me, to learn more about one of the great commentary legends who has now sadly passed away.

The IWE was at times frustrating, but my skills in Photoshop, InVision and Mindomo have been greatly enhanced by this assignment.

Prezi Presentation Front Screen


My presentation is available to view on Prezi, via this link





Immersive Web Experiences – Assignment 2 – Additional Thoughts

I’ve been very lucky to have had my head screwed on right this semester, in terms of the time management of the project.

As the presentation and mockup of the product has been done in plenty of time, it has allowed me to go back and further research items that I looked at in the early stages of the assignment, and make changes to the finalised product, using that knowledge.

I approach the presentation tomorrow, with the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve put my best efforts into it, and I can reflect at 11am tomorrow, with a job well done!

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Presentation Software

I have used PowerPoint for many more years than I care to admit, and I feel that I am fairly confident in what it can produce.

Others with my group tend to use different online presentation software, such as EMaze and Prezi, and to be honest, my thoughts were “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”

Prezi Presentation Front Screen

Prezi Presentation Front Screen

My mind was turned to Prezi, when I discovered that you can control your presentations given to the group using your tablet, and that for me was the clincher.  To be able to master the slides, without having to reach down to the keyboard, looks a lot more professional.

There have probably been one or two expletives uttered during the creation of the presentation, but after getting my head around it, I’m happy with the result.

Prezi will be a product that I use more, going forward into the second year.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – URL’s for Photos and Articles

All URL’s for Photos and Articles accessed 2 May 2015


World Series Cricket Images

In Memory Images





General and Playing











Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Version 2

After consultation with Sally on Monday, we decided that I hadn’t quite got enough content within the Immersive Web Experience presentation.

So as I’ve been off today with a visit to the Doctors, I set to using Photoshop, and InVision to create a presentation using the technology, and the feedback that I received on Monday.

Getting to grips with what was required, and how to do it using InVision was rough to start with, but once I’d got going, things seemed to fall into place.  Using the Mindomo visualisation, it was a case of ticking off what was required, and ploughing on to get to the end, and hopefully come up with something more appropriate.

I feel relatively happy with the end result, and just hope that it’s been worth the 11 hours I’ve worked on it through today.


Richie Benaud Start Screen

Richie Benaud Start Screen