West Hull FM – Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

As a project, I am fairly satisfied with the outcome, but I have fallen into my usual trap of taking on far too much work, whilst trying to balance everything else.

To create a media pack, listener magazine and a series of videos along with all the other projects was far too ambitious, even for me, and after discussions, I realise that, and it will be something that I take forward into the final year.

In a discussion with John, we chatted about workloads, and that he would rather see me do a smaller amount of work to a higher outcome, than to try and spread myself across so many things, and only get 80% of it completed.

I am much happier with the second version of the Media kit, and the station manager at West Hull FM is very happy with the outcome, along with the listener magazine as well.

Looking to the summer, I want to complete the videos for West Hull FM so that all areas that were initially identified can be completed, so that there is a full set of them.  I will be investing over the summer in upgrading my Vimeo account, so that I can upload the videos in the highest quality possible.

In the videos, the sound quality has been an issue, and I think it is time to retire the small palmcorder, so I am in the process of looking at external sound equipment, together with a better camera, which I will use over the summer, and into the final year.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Final Spread – Pages

The final product for the listener magazine is now packaged and available to be sent to the printers.  I’ve kept the InDesign document back so that if items need to be added in future, or locations and prices need to be changed, then it can be easily altered by the station.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Final Spread

Today, I have completed the Listener Magazine for West Hull FM.

I have used Photoshop and InDesign, together with some elements created for the Media Pack, I feel that the magazine is something that will be received well by the station and the audience.

I feel that the final product has benefited from the improvements to the Media Pack, in terms of visual elements, and font choice.

The magazine spread will now be uploaded to Issuu for online viewing, and I will use the Booklet Package function within InDesign to show a final printed copy as part of my hand-in.

West Hull Life Spread

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Name

After consultation, the name of the West Hull FM listener magazine is provisionally titles “West Hull FM Life”.

West Hull FM Life

I felt that the name of the station in the title was important, and that the “Life” element reflects the station and also the wider community as well.

This title is subject to approval, but I feel that it is very suitable for the product that is being created.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Show Focus

As part of the listener magazine, I have selected 4 radio shows to feature in the Show Focus.

In the first part I will be writing about:

  • World Noise
  • Mike Andrews at Breakfast
  • James Bowers in the Afternoon
  • Loud and Proud

I feel that there is a good cross-section of the week reflected in my choices.  This will be a visual page, with large photos of the presenters with a small paragraph underneath to give a taster of the content available in the relevant show.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Presenter profile

As I am creating the magazine for West Hull FM, I have made the decision to focus on one of West Hull FM’s newest presenters for the first issue.

The subject of the first presenter profile will be me!  Shameless self-promotion is the best way to describe the decision, but as I have been told all the way through the degree, an important factor is to build the brand, and by giving myself a full page spread, I feel that it will benefit the station, as well as myself.

Jools Oughtibridge - Self Promotion

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Content

I have been looking at what content will go into the first edition of the West Hull FM Listener Magazine.

As this magazine is aimed at current and potential listeners to the station, I feel that there needs to be a mix of content for everyone, so my ideas are:

  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Offer
  • Focus on shows
  • Presenter profile
  • Map of area

By using those as a starting point, I want to be able to produce a quality product for the first issue, which then can be built on going forward.

Self Initiated Project – Week 11

I have been researching into magazine layouts and trying to make the content for the as yet untitled West Hull FM listener promotional magazine.

After looking at magazine layouts, I have decided to keep the page count to 4, which will allow for a quick turnaround for the station, and it is something that can be built on in the coming months with further issues.

I would be happy to keep the count at 4 for the first 3 issues, before moving to multiples of 4 going forward.

Another item that needs to be addressed is the name for the publication.  I feel it needs to be something that reflects the community that West Hull FM serves, and I will be canvassing opinions in the local area to try to nail down a name in the next few days.

The Media Pack project is continuing, and I have started adding more content to the InDesign layout, using inforamtion from West Hull FM and also from the OFCOM documentation used to apply and gain the FM licence back in 2007.

Filming has also continued, where time and weather has allowed, and I have organised the raw footage using the Creative Cloud application available through Adobe Creative Suite.

By doing this, I want to be in a position to edit the videos in the next week or so, as there are a lot of videos to produce and upload to either Vimeo or YouTube.


Self initiated project – Client Brief

As this is a project that I have had to find myself, I have been given full scope to design my own brief.  This has been something that I have had to rein myself in with, as I had so many ideas that it was felt that I had enough content to create enough work for more than one project.

After consultation with my tutors, I have narrowed the workload down, but that gives me the opportunity to give 100% to it, rather than trying to spread myself too thinly.

I have completed my assignment brief and attached below, but I would like to continue with the project over the next few months, including over the summer break.

Assignment Brief – Self Initiated Project