News story – Carmen

Double speedway world champion Tai Woffinden heads to Poland this weekend continuing the defence of his crown.

He will be riding another strong field in the second round of the championship, taking place in Warsaw, a country he knows well.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to it after riding club speedway in Poland and Sweden.  I can’t wait to see the new track, and I’m ready for the challenge” he said.

“The competition is more fierce than ever this year, but with the new shape of the track, it’s more of a level playing field, and whoever learns fastest, will be the fastest.”

Other multiple speedway champions, Greg Hancock and Nicki Pedersen had indifferent starts to the season but will be looking to bounce back over the 23 heat meeting.

Hancock wants to improve on his 10 point haul in Slovenia, and is cautiously optimistic having seen the new venue.

He said: “So far the track looks great. There are a few lines to pick from, which makes it both exciting and tricky because you’re trying to find the best line and that can change as the meeting goes

“The inside looks like it is quite well packed, but relatively slippery. The outside is grippier because riders were pushing dirt towards the edge, so there may be some interesting moves come Saturday evening.

“With the layout of the temporary tracks, they all feel similar, but this one is nice because they have given us more room to push.

“You feel like you have space and can run in two or three different places and not feel at a disadvantage.”

The current leader of the Speedway GP is former champion Chris Holder, who is back to full fitness after two seasons plagued by injury, and is looking to add to his championship victory in 2012.

“It’s good to be back to winning ways again, and going to Poland always gives a huge boost.

“With 50000-plus in the arena, there are bound to be nerves, but the best of us thrive on that, it gives us an edge and makes you bring your best to the meeting.”



I have a keen interest in Speedway, and I know personally Tai Woffinden who is mentioned within the interview.  All interviews were sourced from the online Speedway GP Media Briefing, which was held on 12th May 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

The target audience for this news story is the sports pages of local/regional newspaper together with selected tabloid national newspapers that cover speedway on a regular basis.




Forward Planning – Year 2

I’ve been having a little browse over the current Year 2 students blogs, to try and get a grip on what sort of work I will be doing when I return to University in September.

Looking through the work, I can see lots of exciting opportunities in the year, and I look forward to getting to grips with the sessions and making full use of the technology that is available to me.

I’m fortunate to have my own digital SLR camera, and HD Video camera, so I am not reliant on the limited resources of the college stores, in order to complete my work.

I will be keeping on top of my time management through the weeks, to ensure that I hand in everything ahead of time, and I can use the spare couple of weeks to fine tune everything within my blog to make sure that my grades are as high as possible throughout the year, and then moving on into Year 3.

KCFM – Work Experience

I spent Friday afternoons assisting with the news team at KCFM in Hull.  Their team is quite a small one, with only 3 journalists covering bulletins from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and then pre-recorded local bulletins over the weekend.

During my time there, I helped to edit audio files using Cool Edit Pro, and then placing those together with news output into Myriad News.  I also interviewed people for news stories, by telephone, ISDN, within the news studio, and also out in the field as well.

I was also fortunate to be able to practice reading a pre-prepared bulletin, so that I could assess my skills to read the news at the appropriate rate for Radio Journalism.



I only spent a few weeks there, and during that time one of the news journalists moved on to a new position in Greater Manchester.

I don’t feel that I got out of the sessions as much as I could, due to a variety of circumstances, but I feel that I learnt a lot from the limited experiences that I had there.

Newsgathering Sources for Stories

There are many places where stories for TV, Radio and Print can be sourced from.

This list is not exhaustive, but covers most areas.

  • News wires and agency copy
  • User Generated Content
  • Newspapers – Print and Online, both local and national.
  • Social Media – Twitter and Facebook
  • Contacts – It is vital to build relationships with people from the local area
  • Television
  • Google News
  • Local News
  • Police
  • Government report – Local and Central
  • Previous stories
  • Radio
  • Diary stories
  • Council Agendas
  • Crown Prosecution Service

How have Television News audiences changed?

The event of 23-hour news, widespread access to the internet and social media, and catchup services have altered the face of the viewing public to all streams of television, and news has certainly not escaped that.

Audiences, on the whole, want interactivity with their news, either commenting, or providing stories and footage for the wider world.

News providers need to bear this in mind:  Find ways to provide news content to those who just want to consume their product, and also to those who want a 2-way relationship with it.

Look North in Hull, along with many other news organisations encourage their audience to get in touch, by telephone, social media, email or by post, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

By using this interaction, it helps to build a stronger relationship with the audience, in a market that is saturated by news output.

Work Experience – KCFM

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with the news team at KCFM in Hull.

Their news team is compact to say the least, and recently one of the journalists has departed for pastures new.

During my time there, I have assisted with editing audio clips, writing news stories for bulletins and the website, and have conducted 3 interviews, 2 of which were over the phone, and one in the news studio.


It has given me an insight into a small and dedicated local news team, who are producing great content, with very limited resources.

News event – Carmen

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.58.08


The cream of celluloid is being showcased by the Hull Independent Cinema Project.

Venues across the city will be screening the best in Art House, World, Independent and Classic Films throughout December and into 2015.

Classic films for Christmas include It’s A Wonderful Life on the 18th December at Fudge, and Home Alone on the 21st December at Fruit.

Film fan and local resident April McCarthy, 26, of 22nd Avenue, is excited to see the range of films being offered.

She said: “Its great to see films in alternative locations, without the huge expense of going to the larger chain cinemas.

“I’ve already booked 3 films, and I really hope that the project continues for the rest of the year.”

The project is using Social Media to spread the message about the events, with dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For more information, follow Hull Independent Cinema Project on Twitter using @hullcineproject, or on Facebook at