Getting back into blogging

Today is Bank Holiday Monday, and it’s one of those Bank Holidays that is a little wet and grey.  Oh we do love those!

It does also mark the start of the preparation for returning to Uni in 3 weeks time.  Where has the summer gone?  By the time I go back on the 21st of September, I will have been away from classes for 18 weeks, and of those, I only took the first 2 off.  I started my job on June 1, and it’s kept me relatively intact!

With that job, plus other opportunities working with the Bauer Academy, it doesn’t feel that I’ve had a summer off, but it has enabled me to keep busy and be in a position to be fighting fit ready for the second year of my degree.

Through this coming year, I will be expanding the blog, and covering a wider range of topics and subjects.  This comes after meeting a wide cross section of people in radio, the blogging community, and business owners across Hull and the East Riding.

So, exciting times to come, and let the studies recommence!

Requirements for the summer….

I’ve got to keep focused for the summer, but also allow myself a little time to relax.  Working all the hours has took it’s toll on my over the last few months, mentally and emotionally, so I’ve taken the time out to evaluate my work/life balance.

Yes, I’m going to be working full time over the summer, but I will also be making the best of my down time as well, taking in plenty of reading, music, and walking.

I hope to engage with people going forward, making contacts for the next 2 years, to ensure that I get to graduation fully prepared, so that I can re-locate to wherever work will take me.

My apologies

Working through the summer is going to be great, I can start to build some funds ready for hitting next year at Uni with 100% effort, but it does mean that my blogging time is restricted, so I apologise for that.  I try to update the blog daily, but there might be the odd day I miss, so please bear with me!

It’s nice to get my thoughts out there during the summer, but I can assure you, I’ll be hitting the road running come September and I’m back in class.

I’ve worked out what time I’m going to be devoting to study, working, and relaxing, and making sure that there is a decent balance between all of them, because I want to keep on top of the deadlines right the way through the year, rather than have a big panic at the end 🙂

During the summer

Assignment may all be handed in, but that’s not to say that things won’t be appearing on the blog.

I intend to keep busy through the summer, keeping abreast of what’s happening in the world, journalism developments, increasing my skillset, and making sure that I hit the ground running come September.

I’ll be hunting for work throughout the time off, because 17 weeks off and doing nothing will drive me crazy.

I’ve started to look again at my Teeline shorthand.  It’s not quite the same as having two taught lessons a week, and then drilling, but any skills I can refresh through the summer will stand me in good stead, ready for the next semesters.

If you have any opportunities coming up that you would like to put my way, then I would be very open to all offers, and if they are paid ones, then that’s all the better!

Year 2 – Preparation Work

I am looking forward to getting the preparation work for the second year, so that I can be getting on with it nice and early.

As I’ve alluded to elsewhere, I want to keep the balance between work and fun firmly in the latter, 17 weeks is a long time, and I hope that by getting the preparation done early, I can enjoy the summer, and recharge the batteries ready for September.

Hopefully, things will come together pretty soon, in terms of job hunting, and cash coming in.  There is also the little matter of my houses selling, and paying off my debts, to be finally clear of the anxiety that it causes me.

I’m going to have a little glass of wine in a while, raising a glass to very important people in my life that have kept me going through thick and thin, and also to my parents, who I hope are looking down and can see the hard work I’ve put in since September, and that they are beaming with pride.

I’m only sorry that they won’t be there in 2017 for my graduation, but I feel their presence every day, and that drives me on to do the best that I can.

Final stretch – Assignment Work

Things are coming together, and I’m finally ticking off the tasks that are required to hand in my work this week.

By Thursday, I’m hoping to get everything handed in, and then I can plan for the Summer, and also Year Two.  Finding a job for the Summer is very important, otherwise I will lose my mind!

Seriously though, it’s a great feeling to be this close to getting everything done and dusted, with a week to spare, and this is something that I want to take forward to next year, to have this buffer at the end of the semester, to check everything, cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

For the Summer, Shorthand is a priority, I really want to nail that through the months off, and get back on track with it.

Thinking of the Summer

Ah yes, June, July, August and a bit of September…

The long days, bright sunshine, chilling by the pool….

Or not…To be honest, through the summer, I will be having a couple of weeks off, but in all seriousness, I really need to get a job for the summer, to get some pennies into the coffers, and if I can do that and get relevant experience in Journalism and Digital Media, then all the better.

Uni is expensive, and student finance doesn’t go all the way, so building a battle fund is my priority for the summer!!