West Hull FM – Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

As a project, I am fairly satisfied with the outcome, but I have fallen into my usual trap of taking on far too much work, whilst trying to balance everything else.

To create a media pack, listener magazine and a series of videos along with all the other projects was far too ambitious, even for me, and after discussions, I realise that, and it will be something that I take forward into the final year.

In a discussion with John, we chatted about workloads, and that he would rather see me do a smaller amount of work to a higher outcome, than to try and spread myself across so many things, and only get 80% of it completed.

I am much happier with the second version of the Media kit, and the station manager at West Hull FM is very happy with the outcome, along with the listener magazine as well.

Looking to the summer, I want to complete the videos for West Hull FM so that all areas that were initially identified can be completed, so that there is a full set of them.  I will be investing over the summer in upgrading my Vimeo account, so that I can upload the videos in the highest quality possible.

In the videos, the sound quality has been an issue, and I think it is time to retire the small palmcorder, so I am in the process of looking at external sound equipment, together with a better camera, which I will use over the summer, and into the final year.

Self Initiated Project – Week 11

I have been researching into magazine layouts and trying to make the content for the as yet untitled West Hull FM listener promotional magazine.

After looking at magazine layouts, I have decided to keep the page count to 4, which will allow for a quick turnaround for the station, and it is something that can be built on in the coming months with further issues.

I would be happy to keep the count at 4 for the first 3 issues, before moving to multiples of 4 going forward.

Another item that needs to be addressed is the name for the publication.  I feel it needs to be something that reflects the community that West Hull FM serves, and I will be canvassing opinions in the local area to try to nail down a name in the next few days.

The Media Pack project is continuing, and I have started adding more content to the InDesign layout, using inforamtion from West Hull FM and also from the OFCOM documentation used to apply and gain the FM licence back in 2007.

Filming has also continued, where time and weather has allowed, and I have organised the raw footage using the Creative Cloud application available through Adobe Creative Suite.

By doing this, I want to be in a position to edit the videos in the next week or so, as there are a lot of videos to produce and upload to either Vimeo or YouTube.


Self initiated project – Location – Studio

I have prepared a short segment of video to attach to each video that I have created for the radio station.

By using a short 15 second video for each of the videos introducing the station, I can reduce the amount of footage that is required for each video and maximise the time allowed for editing each one, so that I can ensure that each process is fully documented.

By cutting the video off early, I can then transition to the location video using Premiere Pro.

Studio Filming

Self Initiated Project – Week 9

During this week, I have completed research on all potential areas for the video content for the project.

By using the time away from classes, I have been able to focus on each area, looking at a range of businesses, services, and features of each area.  With this information, I can plan for each video so that I can film the footage and then edit each one using the format that I have identified, keeping each video to around 3 minutes in length, with the standard intro/extro and corporate logo.

Once I have completed a couple of videos, I can check with the storyboard to ensure that the format works, and make any alterations if required.

I am aiming to start filming early next week to try and get everything done as early as possible, to allow time to tightly edit each video in turn.

Self initiated project – Location – Swanland

Swanland is an affulent area of the West Hull FM broadcast area, and it could be described as a chocolate box scene village.

It has the basics for a small commuter village, a pub, church. a small range of shops, and a village hall.  The centre of Swanland is dominated by it’s large pond, which has a range of bird and aquatic life.

Swanland - Jools

Swanland – Jools

The West Hull FM final cut video for Swanland is hosted on Vimeo

Self initiated project – Location – North Ferriby

North Ferriby is one of the villages on the western edge of the West Hull FM broadcast area, located just off the A63 between Hull and Goole.

North Ferriby - Jools

One of the smaller villages that is covered, North Ferriby has a thriving village centre, train station, church, and a non-league football team that is currently in the running for promotion to the Vanarama Conference.

The final cut video of North Ferriby is hosted on Vimeo.


Self initiated project – Video inspiration

As part of creating the videos for West Hull FM, I have been researching other video output either on television or online.

With this in mind, I have viewed a series of walking videos from Walks Around Britain, that have been shown online over the last 12 months, but are now shown on the Community Channel, available on Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

Walks Around Britain

Walks Around Britain

By watching the programmes, I have seen different techniques for camera angles, editing, and piece to camera segments, and will be looking to use the knowledge I have gained to incorporate into my videos that I will be creating for West Hull FM.

Another collection of videos I have watched to gain further knowledge is from radio presenter, Paul Woodford.  Paul hosts a series of short films looking at new and classic cars on his website.

Paul Woodford - Carfilms.co.uk

Paul Woodford – Carfilms.co.uk

These videos use different angles than the Walks Around Britain team, including more “arty” shots of the cars.

By using both of these styles, I hope to incorporate these into my videos for West Hull FM.

Self initiated project – Identifying video locations

One strand of my self initiated project is creating videos focusing on the broadcast area of West Hull FM, to show that the radio station isn’t just about being in the studio, and we have a working knowledge of the area that we serve.


West Hull FM Coverage Map

By using the OFCOM map above, I am able to look at potential areas for creating a video to showcase the area that West Hull FM serves.

The areas I have identified are all on the north bank of the River Humber, and are located within the purple and green areas highlighted.

I will be investigating the areas, looking at the services, businesses and interesting stories to tell via a video montage, that will link back to the radio station.

Video – Fruit Market Documentary

Over the last few days, I have immersed myself in the Fruit Market area, and collected a number of short video clips that can be used as General Views, or GV’s.

The advantage of having my own camera and tripod is that I’m not reliant on booking equipment out of stores, and I can just go and get some footage when I’m in the area.

Back on my computer, I have used Adobe Bridge to collate the video, and from there I am able to transfer the MTS files into Premiere Pro.



By using Adobe Bridge, I can keep track of all types of footage, be that video, photos, infographics and text.

Self initiated project – Client Brief

As this is a project that I have had to find myself, I have been given full scope to design my own brief.  This has been something that I have had to rein myself in with, as I had so many ideas that it was felt that I had enough content to create enough work for more than one project.

After consultation with my tutors, I have narrowed the workload down, but that gives me the opportunity to give 100% to it, rather than trying to spread myself too thinly.

I have completed my assignment brief and attached below, but I would like to continue with the project over the next few months, including over the summer break.

Assignment Brief – Self Initiated Project