West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Font change

After discussions with my tutors regarding the Media Pack, and my investigations into font choices, I have decided that the listener offer needs to keep a consistent font with the other products.

By changing the font from Century Gothic to VAG Rounded, I have found that the articles do not always fit the layout I have created.  There are two options I can see to make the articles fit the layout.


  • Change the font size to make the text bigger
  • Look to tighten up the articles, but I can now include more of the content

Having discussed both options, I feel that tightening the articles is the preferred option, the text is already 12pt, and any larger would impact on the visual feel look out of place.


Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Presentation Software

I have used PowerPoint for many more years than I care to admit, and I feel that I am fairly confident in what it can produce.

Others with my group tend to use different online presentation software, such as EMaze and Prezi, and to be honest, my thoughts were “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”

Prezi Presentation Front Screen

Prezi Presentation Front Screen

My mind was turned to Prezi, when I discovered that you can control your presentations given to the group using your tablet, and that for me was the clincher.  To be able to master the slides, without having to reach down to the keyboard, looks a lot more professional.

There have probably been one or two expletives uttered during the creation of the presentation, but after getting my head around it, I’m happy with the result.

Prezi will be a product that I use more, going forward into the second year.

Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Version 2

After consultation with Sally on Monday, we decided that I hadn’t quite got enough content within the Immersive Web Experience presentation.

So as I’ve been off today with a visit to the Doctors, I set to using Photoshop, and InVision to create a presentation using the technology, and the feedback that I received on Monday.

Getting to grips with what was required, and how to do it using InVision was rough to start with, but once I’d got going, things seemed to fall into place.  Using the Mindomo visualisation, it was a case of ticking off what was required, and ploughing on to get to the end, and hopefully come up with something more appropriate.

I feel relatively happy with the end result, and just hope that it’s been worth the 11 hours I’ve worked on it through today.


Richie Benaud Start Screen

Richie Benaud Start Screen


Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Influences

During the early part of the semester, I was tasked with finding out about Immersive Web Experiences (IWE).  I highlighted 5 IWE’s in this post, and saw good and indifferent things there, so I will be using that knowledge to attempt to create the best product I can in the assignment.

Good graphics are essential to grab the viewer’s attention, but it’s also got to have great content, be that text, video, audio or photos, otherwise the consumer will switch off and go elsewhere.

I want the product to be able to stand up on it’s own as a quality product, that will have longevity within the rest of the internet, and by careful planning, and lots of research, I feel confident in my own knowledge of Richie Benaud, that I will succeed in the plans that I have in place.

To sum up, my key features need to be:

  • Good graphics
  • High level of usability
  • Lots of external content
  • Quality writing
  • Quick to load



Immersive Web Experience – Richie Benaud – Competitors Report

Having looked around the web at various other Immersive Web Experiences, and also general features on cricket, I haven’t found many IWE’s that feature sport, and none that feature my subject, Richie Benaud.  There are a lot of articles on the man, but they are quite one dimensional, usually featuring text and a couple of photographs.

By looking to showcase Richie Benaud using the Immersive experience, I hope to blaze a trail for immersive web storytelling here in the UK.  Journalists and Story Tellers on mainland Europe seem to be grasping the tools to tell the stories in a three-dimensional way far better than those of us over the English Channel.

I hope that by getting to grips with the story, and the software that my product will stand up on it’s merits, and be viewed by people around the world.

Creative Futures Semester 2 Assignment 1 – Dave Eccles – Examples of Creative Typography

In the myriad of printed material, what makes a document stand out from the crowd?

Making a document visually beautiful can be very important, but only if it adds to the content.  Making something visual but the content is rubbish is, in my eyes, a waste of time for the designer, journalist, and most importantly, the reader.

Use of creative typography must only add to a document, rather than just be there for being there’s sake.

There are various ways of changing a “standard” font in InDesign.


As you can see from the image above, the Myriad Pro font has 19 different options in addition to the Regular font.  Some of these options are shown in the image below.




By using these, together with different angles and forms, the creativity is quite extensive, but it all comes back to the necessity for my work.  If it adds value, then I will use it, but if not, then it stays out.

There are great examples of creativity out there within the media, and I have two examples below, where standard text is used, but in a visually different way.



Swirl Text



Self Typographic Illustration


Thought Process – Mind Mapping

When looking into my assignment covering a journalist, I was lost in a wave of information, and how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Using visual tools is something we’ve discussed in our taught sessions, and I felt that it was appropriate to use this to try and get some structure to the story I am wanting to tell.

Firstly, I drew out on paper the basic path of the story, so that I had a plot to start from.  With the basics in a story, a start, a middle, and an end, I could then work on the parts that need adding to turn a story, into an immersive experience.

Using images, photos, videos, and links to further information, the story becomes more than just a collection of words, it becomes a piece of multimedia that stands up on it’s own, and allows the reader to learn more about the person, in a variety of different ways.

By using technology to draw the layout, it allows alternative thought processes, and exploration of tangents. Ideas can be added and taken away easily without it becoming a piece of paper that has been scrawled all over.



I have to admit, I was reluctant to use the mind mapping approach, mainly as I’m used to just creating something and seeing where it takes me, but I can highly recommend the mind mapping route.  It gives you ideas that you might not necessarily think of, without the messy paper trail.