Self Initiated Project – Video Websites

In creating the videos that feature the areas covered by West Hull FM, I have looked at websites to host the final video output.

In the first year, I was encouraged to use Vimeo, which was described as a more professional platform than Youtube.

I have looked at the pros and cons of both sites, so that I can make a final decision between them to host my videos.



Vimeo is a smaller site in terms of content, but, in my opinion, this means that there is less competition for the video.

With Vimeo, I am only able to upload 500 Mb of data per week,  but this will not cause an issue at the moment, with the average size of my short videos being around 80 Mb.

Once edited in Premiere Pro, the software allows for exporting into a range of file qualities specifically tailored for Vimeo, and the upload process is straightforward once the file is created.



YouTube is much larger than Vimeo in terms of numbers of users and videos, but still gives the same options than it’s smaller competitor.

YouTube does allow for live video streaming, which could be an option to take the project forward after this is completed.

Each individual upload is restricted to a maximum length of 15 minutes, or 128GB whichever occurs first, but as the videos I will be creating are well within these parameters, this will not be a problem to overcome.

Both sites allow for uploading of MP4 files which I will be using in this project.

As with Vimeo, the software I am using allows for exporting to a file that is optimised for use on the YouTube platform.


There are limitations to each of the platforms but given the size and length of the individual videos, these would only be encountered if the video output was greater.  Vimeo has the combined maximum file upload of 500 MB per week, but that does allow for uploading 5-6 videos per week for this project.

I have made the decision to use both platforms to maximise their potential, and give the client the opportunity to use whichever one they feel sits best with their corporate image.

CATS Reflection – 24/2 – Comparison between and

Although the sites have the same name, in terms of functionality, the two are very different. is the site that this blog is hosted on, and is great if you just want to have a blog, whereas the .Org version allows for greater flexibility, and a variety of professional websites are created using the paid option.

One example that is local to me is, which is the local news site created by KCOM, Hull’s telecommunications company. home page home page

The website is adminstered using, and this allows a greater amount of flexibility regarding content.

According to, 24% of the internet is built using their software and facilities.  There are many reasons why professionally a company or indiviual would want to have the extra features of the paid product.

Developers can use extra tools to reach bigger and better audiences, with enriched video content, site management, and developer-led facilities.

Going forward into my final year, I will be investigating and a self-hosted site for my major project as the benefits far out-weigh the potential costs.

Website Colour

My website’s colour scheme was deliberately chosen with blacks, whites, and light greys, so it is very striking both on computers and also mobile devices.  However, with those colours, it did feel very stark, and in need of a colour that lightened the feel, and something slightly more feminine.

I experimented with a bright shocking pink, but for some reason, it just didn’t gel.  So with experimentation, I decided on a mix between blue and green, which I feel has brought a great result. The colour is one very similar to cushions that I have in my bedroom, so it is a colour that I associate with myself, and my home life.


It is a colour that is referred to as a Dark Moderate Cyan by, and In a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour set, hex #2c7673 is composed of 17.3% red, 46.3% green and 45.1% blue, whereas in a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) colour space, it is composed of 62.7% cyan, 0% magenta, 2.5% yellow and 53.7% black.

The colour swatches below show the Dark Moderate Cyan, with the two colours that are combined to make it.  Black and Pure Cyan


Main Image – Website

When looking at the main image that I want to use on my website, I looked at photographs that have been taken over the last few years.

With the main colour scheme being considered with monochrome, with hints of colour, I decided that a monochrome photograph would work best.

I had a photo shoot a few years ago, and decided on a photo that is strong, with an almost Rodin-like thinker pose, which also gives an element of mystique with my eyes slightly obscured by the sunglasses I was wearing on the day


Website Layout

Using the Wix website creator, I looked at websites from other journalism students, and also recent graduates.

When looking for a style or image that I’m wanting to portray, I decided that a simple website, with straightforward links would be a great place to start.  In the assignment, it states that this website will evolve over the three years.  From a good foundation, then things can flourish throughout the duration of my course, and beyond, and will be a good stepping stone towards future employment.

Using Mindomo, I have sketched out the initial layout of the website, showing the basic structure of the 4 parent pages, and subsequent child pages.


Website – Inspiration from other journalists

When trying to perfect my style for the website, I sought inspiration from websites of other journalists.  These gave me pointers as to what is required on my site, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

In the examples below, I have obscured the owner’s name, so as to not cause offence with comments I make.  The first site I looked at, was from a freelance journalist from London.  I like the fact that it is quite simple, but the white background makes it look clinical, and a little too simplistic for my taste. However, I will take from this, that I need to keep my site clean, fresh, and easy to navigate.


The second site that I looked at, was from a journalist who I respect hugely.  As someone who has worked for the BBC on Radio and Television, I was hoping for great things from the site.  However, I was massively disappointed.  Apart from the side menu which is clear, and functional, the rest of the home page is a wall of text, in different sizes, and at least 4 different colours.  There is a lot of information here, but it seems lost in a sea of letters.


The third website I looked at, was that of a journalist that was a couple of years above me in Secondary School.  He has worked on a major car magazine previously, and now is a freelance journalist.  His website is also very simplistic, but still has structure and is very easy to navigate.example3