West Hull FM – Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

As a project, I am fairly satisfied with the outcome, but I have fallen into my usual trap of taking on far too much work, whilst trying to balance everything else.

To create a media pack, listener magazine and a series of videos along with all the other projects was far too ambitious, even for me, and after discussions, I realise that, and it will be something that I take forward into the final year.

In a discussion with John, we chatted about workloads, and that he would rather see me do a smaller amount of work to a higher outcome, than to try and spread myself across so many things, and only get 80% of it completed.

I am much happier with the second version of the Media kit, and the station manager at West Hull FM is very happy with the outcome, along with the listener magazine as well.

Looking to the summer, I want to complete the videos for West Hull FM so that all areas that were initially identified can be completed, so that there is a full set of them.  I will be investing over the summer in upgrading my Vimeo account, so that I can upload the videos in the highest quality possible.

In the videos, the sound quality has been an issue, and I think it is time to retire the small palmcorder, so I am in the process of looking at external sound equipment, together with a better camera, which I will use over the summer, and into the final year.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Final Spread – Pages

The final product for the listener magazine is now packaged and available to be sent to the printers.  I’ve kept the InDesign document back so that if items need to be added in future, or locations and prices need to be changed, then it can be easily altered by the station.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Final Spread

Today, I have completed the Listener Magazine for West Hull FM.

I have used Photoshop and InDesign, together with some elements created for the Media Pack, I feel that the magazine is something that will be received well by the station and the audience.

I feel that the final product has benefited from the improvements to the Media Pack, in terms of visual elements, and font choice.

The magazine spread will now be uploaded to Issuu for online viewing, and I will use the Booklet Package function within InDesign to show a final printed copy as part of my hand-in.

West Hull Life Spread

West Hull FM – Media Pack – Inner Pages

Throughout the pages of the media pack, I feel that consistency is required so that potential advertisers can just focus on the content rather than being distracted by changes to the layout.

With that in mind, I have experiemented with different potential layouts that will feature in all pages except the front cover.

My first arrangement is a plain white background, with a relevant photo to the right, and all of the text to the left.  Having tried this layout, I feel that it just feels a bit flat, and although, I am not afraid to use the white space, there is potentially a little too much white space within the page.Page1

My second arrangement swaps the photo and text across to page, but also include a gradient element created in Photoshop.  The blue I have selected is taken using the Colour Selection tool in Photoshop from the West Hull FM logo.  I feel that this is better, but again, just feel the page is lacking something.


With that in mind, I experiemented with the web header for West Hull FM and utilised the white rectangle at a reduced opacity to see how that would look with that in the background of the white diagonal strip.

The image below shows that, and I feel that it has a professional look, without detracting from the content.


The printed text within the document is clearer than the screenshot show, as I have printed these out for comparison.



West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Name

After consultation, the name of the West Hull FM listener magazine is provisionally titles “West Hull FM Life”.

West Hull FM Life

I felt that the name of the station in the title was important, and that the “Life” element reflects the station and also the wider community as well.

This title is subject to approval, but I feel that it is very suitable for the product that is being created.

Self Initiated Project – Week 12 – w/c 25/4

After discussions with my project tutors, it was felt that my Media Pack for West Hull FM was not quite at a level that fully shows my skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I have taken that on board, and I agree with their assessments.  I have created something that is functional, but does not really add to the current offer from West Hull FM.

WestHullFMMediaPackSpread 26April

West Hull FM – Media Pack

I will be going back to the drawing board to look at different media packs that are available in other community radio stations such as West Hull FM, and will take that forward into a new product.

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Front Cover – Completed Page

I have selected the elements of the front cover for the Listener Magazine for West Hull FM.

As the Breakfast Show is the most important show on a radio station, I felt it was right to highlight the importance of it on the cover of the first edition, with a photo of the presenter taking up most of the page.

That together with a brief introduction of the audience and the logo, I feel it is a strong image to start the magazine run off with.

Front Page - West Hull FM Magazine

West Hull FM – Listener Magazine – Show Focus – Completed Page

The “Show Focus” page is now completed apart from the title of the magazine.

By focusing on the 4 shows as discussed previously, it gives a good cross-section of the output from young and older presenters from a range of backgrounds.

This will allow us to keep the same layout for Issue 2, and select other presenters for future issues.

Show Focus